Group 29 will be heading to Geneva early next week to discuss their latest report regarding the violation of the stateless children in Kuwait.

This will be held on 4th feb 2013 during the meeting of the child rights committee , part of the united nations human rights council.

Dr. Shaikha  Al Muhareb, group 29 member  explained: ” we are heading to Geneva upon invitation from the child rights Secretariat  to discuss the group’s parallel report which was submitted according to the child rights treaty ratified by the state of Kuwait on 1990.
This visit  comes within the context of the Group’s participation in the session dedicated to Non government Organizations, which submitted  a parallel report to the periodic report submitted by the state of Kuwait .
The group’s report  will be addressing the status of the child rights in Kuwait with focus on the status of the Bedon children, and the recent security arrest that been practiced against children in Kuwait.
We seek through these reports and visits to huamn rights organizations in Geneva to  encourage more humanitarian activists and develop the human rights domain in our country  and advancing solutions for those in need of help
By achieving  our goals we can rest assure that Kuwait’s reputation regarding human rights will be of high standards and prevent any governmental agencies from placing it at risk, especially the central committee.
This is the first step in an integrated march that the group is taking together with the  cooperation of the international community to urge the State of Kuwait to implement the human rights  treaties  which Kuwait has ratified, which have an authority equivalent to that of the laws as stated in article 70 of the constitution that when applied guarantees protection of individuals rights as freedom ,achieving  justice and equality for all who reside on the land of Kuwait
The delegation will answer the questions raised by the Commission’s experts questions  regarding the development of stateless  children’s rights in Kuwait
An update of developments will be presented as well as the group’s  practical recommendations and these can be raised by the United Nations during their  comprehensive international review of the country on human rights in 2015.
It is noteworthy that Group  29 prepared a  parallel report on the suffering of stateless children in Kuwait in September last year which reviewed a number of violations against children in daily life because of government decisions.

You can download the report on the following link:

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